8 tips about boiler maintenance for its longevity

To maintain an efficient home, you want to ensure your boiler is taken care of regularly. Your boiler serves your home for hot water supply as well as heating it up. If it’s not working efficiently, you may overpay as heat is lost while not experiencing the benefits of a warm and cozy home. Boiler repair in Hertford can be pricey so maintaining it may be your best money saving option. For example if you are living in Hertfordshire heating engineers in Hertfordshire and nearby areas will tell you how important regular maintenance will saving you money.

1 Boiler Water Level

One of the essential aspects of boiler maintenance is to check the water level in the boiler itself. If your boiler is operating without water, it can damage the system beyond repair. This could result in a new boiler installation in Hertfordshire which could be an investment you weren’t planning on making. It is also a potential danger to you and your household. Make sure the pilot light is on while you’re checking the water levels. If the levels are below the minimum, check the plumbing and correct any issues. You may wish to hire heating engineers if you’re not sure how to fix the issues that ensure you won’t have low water levels again.

2 Check for Leaks

Leaks can occur with normal use of a boiler. It may be that gas or fuel is leaking through the valves. To repair the issue, it usually means some adjustments are necessary within the system. There may be damaged parts of parts that have worn down. If this is the case, you may need boiler servicing to repair the worn parts of the system.

3 De-Scaling Lime

If you have hard water, this could result in lime build-up within the boiler. If you have build-up, the boiler will not work optimally. Eventually, excessive build-up can prevent the boiler from reaching it’s heating capacity. De-scaling your boiler every three months will help to ensure that your boilers don’t have too much build up.

4 Lubricate the System

In order to ensure your boiler runs optimally, it’s good to give it a routine lubrication. You want to lubricate boiler parts that are constantly in motion such as fans or pumps. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, heating engineers can be hired for this task.

5 Clearing out Dust

Dust accumulates quickly in a boiler room because of the way boilers operate. It’s important to check your boiler room monthly and clear the dust you see. Focus on boiler parts that have excess dust on them. This can affect the system from working to it’s maximum capacity. The fan may get a lot of dust buildup so make sure to clear it off.

6 Flushing the System

Clearing out the water from the boiler a few times a year will allow it to work optimally. This should be done at the beginning of spring when the boiler is working at it’s full capacity. Things like dirt, lime and grit can accumulate in the boiler, causing blockages that prevent it from fully working. Flushing the water from the boiler and cleaning the interior thoroughly as well as replacing gaskets will help the system run efficiently.

7 An Annual Check

Boiler servicing should be done at least once a year. Heating engineers in can conduct a thorough check on all the parts of your heating system. They will be able to detect problems that you may not have seen. They will usually give you a safety certificate after inspection, giving you peace of mind.

8 Inspect Air Vents and Flues

If your air vents are blocked, your boiler won’t work efficiently. This is especially the case with gas boilers. Dirt can accumulate which will cause blockages. Inspecting vents and flues can save you a lot of money. If your vents are blocked, they need to be cleared in order to allow for the passage of air.

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