Boiler installation services – What is the best boiler to have?

You need a new boiler but you are struggling to settle on what boiler you should have. Do you just swap out your existing Combi boiler with a new combi boiler replacement or is there something else on the market that is better? You might want to convert the loft so would need to get rid of the tank in the loft if you do. You haven’t got the luxury of weeks to come to a decision but you do have a few days to think about it.

Different types of boiler

A Combi boiler: A Combination Boiler is a single unit that generates all the hot water for the entire house and heats the water straight from the cold water feed instantly. It does not need a water tank or hot water cylinder. The unit itself is fairly compact and is usually wall-hung.

A traditional boiler: Also called conventional boilers work with an extension tank (In the loft, open -vented heating system) or hot water cylinder.

System boilers: Unlike regular boilers they are not open vented but do rely on a cylinder. All the components are integrated into the boiler system itself.

What is the most common service requested, when having a gas boiler replacement?

Most of the time, customers just want their old boiler replaced with a new one of the same kind, opting for the quickest solution as they already have the set up installed. If you’ve been without hot water for a few days the likelihood is, you just want it sorted and want a hot shower.

Generally if you are renovating a property or have some time before moving into your new property you may have the luxury of swapping into a new system, you may want to renovate the loft to add an extra room to your property and can’t do that with a big water tank in the way.

Do different boiler systems have different life expediencies?

Generally speaking the different types won’t, if maintained properly you can still expect them to last ten years plus but you do get what you pay for. A lower end budget boiler (a lower efficiency) will last six or seven years whereas a top end boiler (much higher efficiency rating) may last ten to 15 years.

However, it is all subjective, as said previously it depends if they are maintained properly and if you get them serviced regularly to avoid big breakdowns. Some owners have reported their boilers lasting up to twenty years with a few call outs where as others have said they have had more call outs to their boiler in 3 years than they have to their car.

In conclusion, the general consensus is to stick with your original set up to avoid further stress and issue but, if you have the option to choose a Combi boiler may be better for those looking for a more compact and modern design but with good efficiency.

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