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New Boiler Installations Theydon Bois


Boilers over ten year’s old have been found to waste a lot of valuable energy; so, if you are looking for new boiler installation in Theydon Bois that is cost efficient, you can always rely on Efficient Plumbing & Heating Ltd. It is essential now to make a replacement for a new gas-fired boiler, as older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat, this has been found to have a big effect on not only your home heating bills but also the environment. We specialise in the installation of new boilers in Theydon Bois using the latest technology. Modern boilers improve efficiency; reduce risk of carbon monoxide and will save you a minimum of 30% on your home heating bills per year, this is a big saving over the lifespan of your boiler.

New Gas Boiler Installation Theydon Bois

At Efficient Plumbing & Heating Ltd, We provide gas boiler installations in Theydon Bois. We provide cost effective and a professional heating service in Theydon Bois which includes power flushing, gas boiler installation, boiler repairs and boiler servicing. Our company has a good reputation for delivering comprehensive plumbing and heating services all across the Theydon Bois. With our several years of knowledge in the heating industry, we have been able to gain broad knowledge of boiler installation which means we can provide solution to a wide range of heating related problems. We have a team of certified heating and plumbing engineers that is second to none and they are very ready to cater for all domestic and business gas boiler heating systems, boiler repair, plumbing and boiler installation issues across Theydon Bois. We are reliable, hardworking and fast. You are sure of getting the highest quality services and workmanship with us in Theydon Bois.


Central Heating Boiler Installation Theydon Bois

Efficient Plumbing & Heating Ltd specialises in full central heating boiler installations in Theydon Bois. We perform high number of conversions, conventional boiler installations and combination boiler swaps every year. A clear time scale always follows our estimate in which some can be completed within 24 hours on most occasions. Building regulations is always taken into consideration in making sure that our installations comply with building standards and regulations. Your installation will be registered with Gas Safe while your guarantee is filled in on your behalf. We always have a price for you as every quote is tailored to your individual needs as we keep your budget in mind when creating an estimate for your new installation so as to work within your financial requirements. We will as well offer you money saving extras that will extend the lifespan of your central heating system in Theydon Bois areas.


Oil Boiler Installation Theydon Bois

It is very important to take into consideration the shelf life of every oil boiler installation in Theydon Bois because unfortunately, boilers have a shelf life which can make them go wrong at any time. As soon as it is time for you to replace your boiler, we will make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. We will ensure minimum disruption to our customers’ daily lives because their life is an important factor in having a new boiler installed. Tidiness is our watchword and efficiency and attention to details, our pride. Our customers are always proud of us, try us and see the reason why people use us for boiler changes and new boiler installations. We offer guarantee on all new boiler installations and we can guarantee efficient and a mess free installation. Your property will be left even better than the way we met it.

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