Central Heating Boiler Replacement – Should I need one?

That dreaded phone call to your local heating contractors to find an engineer to fix or replace your boiler

Plunged into an icy cold world, no heating and no glorious hot baths to relax and warm you before bed. You sit in silence mourning your loss and wishing you hadn’t taken it for granted.

May it rest in pieces?

You know one day, it will be you and you can only hope it happens when you don’t need to rush out for work or have to get the kids out for an appointment.

So how long do boilers last?

The average boiler can last anything between 10 years to 20 years but most say 15 years. The trouble is even if it does last 10 years you still have to consider the fact that it will be struggling more now, to keep up with your demands and it is likely that soon it will need a repair or will give up the ghost all together.

It is inevitable that it will need replacing at some point, plus with all the newer technologies yours will become surplus to requirements having been superseded by an all singing all dancing newer model, so advanced it almost cooks tea for you too.

How can I help it last longer?

Unless you have the powers to keep it serviced, like being a Corgi registered technician, there isn’t much. One option would be to have boiler servicing / insurance cover so it gets serviced every year and if it does breakdown you are already covered for repairs. If, of course yours isn’t so old and they’ve stopped making the parts already.

Mines dead, how much does a central heating boiler replacement cost?

Unfortunately quotes normally range from £1,000 to £4000 upwards depending on the boiler system you want. Consider that you will probably buy one every 20 years of your life on average, so say 3, the cost is minimal when you break it down. It doesn’t make it any easier at the time though. But, think about how as technology changes, the amount you save on your bills changes because newer models will have better parts and will be more efficient. (Think about the new smart meter and central heating systems controlled by smart phones E.g. the Hive).

How long would a central heating boiler installation take?

It’s 2017. You can safely say it should be done in a day and you should have all functions back that same evening, unless there is a colossal problem or an extra part that is needed of course. Book yourself for the whole day and to be on the safe side send the kids for sleepovers elsewhere so you haven’t got the added stress, if it does go wrong you are already half way to prepared.

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