Central Heating Installation Waltham Forest

If you want cost-efficient heating, it is best to have an up-to-date boiler. Ancient G-rated boilers now guzzle up those precious pennies in comparison to newer models. In fact, any boiler over 10 years old is likely to waste a lot of energy. This is because they convert as little as 60% of the fuel into heat, which significantly impacts you heating bills and carbon footprint. Newer condensing boilers meanwhile improve efficiency to over 90%. That’s big savings!

If you need central heating installation in Waltham Forest, give Efficient Plumbing  & Heating a ring. Specializing in the installation of condescending boilers from top names like Worcester, we could save you a minimum of 30% on your annual energy bills.

At Efficient Plumbing  & Heating, we will help find the most suitable boiler for your property. Since general plumbing is one of our core services, our maintenance services are also consistently high quality. So if you have any future issues just give us another call.

All our boilers are installed by a Gas Safe Approved engineer for extra peace of mind. For a no obligation estimate, simply contact us today.

For a no obligation estimate please Contact Us or call and let us know the type of system you own, the age (estimate) and number of radiators you have. 0800 468 1100/ 0208 819 4021/ 01279 793 614