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Selecting a home boiler that fits your budget and lifestyle needs can be a confusing process for many people. The descriptions below are presented to help the discerning customer decide which boiler is right for them. This should serve as a good primer on boilers and water heaters that will help you decide which type is right for your home and your unique circumstances. There are a three main options for a new boiler:


Traditional Boiler

Traditional home boilers (also called regular or heat-only boilers) that already have a standard heating and cooling system with a separate hot water tank. They also require a separate cold water tank to regulate the temperature of the water.

Traditional boilers are best for:

  • Homes with 2+ bathrooms
  • Locations with poor water pressure
  • Homes that use solar or other forms of water heating as well as traditional methods

System Boilers

System boilers also require a water tank, but all of the heating components are built in which means it is much easier to install, and far more space efficient than a traditional boiler. Furthermore, there’s no need for an extra tank of cold water, making them even more space efficient.

System Boilers are best for:

  • Homes utilising alternative energy
  • Homes that need a constant supply of hot water
  • Budget Conscious homes
  • Homes lacking the space for other types of system

Combination Boiler

A combination or “combi” boiler is actually a central heating boiler as well as an in-line water heater. What this means is you get a compact system that is both your water heater, and your boiler in one. This is ideal if you’re trying to save space or only have a small space to work with. These boilers heat water as it comes through the main line into your home, so you’ll never run out of water, or have to worry about taking care of large tanks like you would with other water heaters or boilers. For this reason, you may also see these newer boilers called “tankless boilers” or “in-line boilers”. Don’t let the industry parlance confuse you; it all means the same thing. These boilers are becoming increasingly popular due to their small footprint.

They are also incredibly cost and energy-efficient as water is heated as it passes through the line, rather than heated and stored in a tank. You also get water coming through at higher main-line pressure, so you’ll never be troubled by a lack of water pressure.

Combi heaters are best for:

  • Smaller properties
  • Energy-conscious consumers
  • Those utilising solar heating
  • Buyers that want less pipe work, and a cheaper installation
  • Those who want to keep their attic or loft space for other things.

Replacing your Boiler with Efficient Plumbing and Heating

A new boiler can dramatically increase the quality of life in your home.

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