Five important questions to ask before you contact local heating contractors about boiler Installation

Before you need to replace a boiler or have any central heating boiler installation, there are five key things you should consider. Cost is always a consideration if central heating boiler replacement is necessary and you have an older boiler. An older boiler may not meet efficiency guidelines if it is an older model and it can cost more than £2000 to convert your boiler or have a combi boiler replaced.

However, a cost may not be the most important reflection before you ask local heating contractors to install a new boiler or replace your boiler. Here are five things to ask before you buy the wrong boiler model or you have problems with a central heating boiler installation.

Does the boiler have an exit to a drain?

This detail is important to decide before you have a boiler installed by a professional. Every boiler that does condense must exit into a drain. Did you know that UK officials require the condensing water to have a 5 percent downward slope as it drains? It matters. If the condensation can leave via a waste pipe, there is an exit for condensation. There is a less possibility that trapped condensation can lead to damage of a boiler.

Does the length of warranty matter with a central heating boiler installation?

Is it better to get a cheap boiler with little warranty or pay for a boiler that has a longer warranty? Ask local heating contractors which boilers are better models. Professionals who have experience in central boiler replacement or installation can recommend the best boiler brands. They also can recommend if it is better to buy a boiler that has a 5-year warranty instead of a 2-year warranty.

Does size matter with a central boiler replacement?

You do not want a boiler to be too big for a room or too small. If a boiler is too small, it may work too hard to provide heat to your flat or apartment. How many kilowatts do you need if you need reliable heat for your flat or house? For example, 25kw is enough for a two-room house. A larger central heating boiler unit is needed for a home that needs at least 20 rads.

Why is gas not the only fuel used for central heating boilers?

Did you know that central heating boilers are made equal? Some boilers run on gas, but others rely on wood or coal. Local heating boiler contractors can suggest the best boiler options for space and your budget. Before you think about central heating boiler replacement, you need to ask yourself if you can afford an oil-based or coal-based boiler and does your system have a pump or does it rely on a gravity-fed system.

These are all important questions that you should ask your local heating contractor before you replace or install a boiler. Have you ever thought about the best boiler brands for coldest weather? Do you have other questions about your old boiler or you want to install a new one? We can help. We do all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to!

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