Efficient Plumbing & Heating try and keep as costs as low as we can!

We know that no one likes spending large amounts of money for home repairs and upkeep, so we’ve made replacing your old or malfunctioning boiler as easy and painless as possible.
We also know that as much as we all hate getting bills, everyone hates surprise bills even more.
That’s why we make it our mission to give you a fixed price quote right at the start so you know exactly what level of financial commitment you’ll need to make.
We want every customer to be a customer for life, and that means we treat everyone with the honesty and straightforwardness that they deserve.

Itemised, easy to read estimates/quotations provided upfront. So no, we won’t add money on at the end!

Our pricing structure is done in a way to provide an accurate quote time and time again. We don’t make up our prices, they are set on our database in our office so everyone gets the same price during our home or site visits.
Our engineer will attend you home or workplace and provide a tailored, itemised quotation that suits your needs and budget.

Be wary of other trades prices, they come in low to win the work, then add extras on at the end, not with us!!

As you can most probably appreciate that in some cases we are not going to be as cheap as some one man bands out there due to the overheads of running a successful business and the level of expertise we provide. Not to mention the aftercare service we provide once we have installed or repaired a gas product or carried out plumbing works. We won’t run away or be uncontactable should a problem arise.

True, honest advice, Upfront costs, with no surprises!

Every home, every situation, every family is different, so when your certified technicians show up for your free in-home consultation, we’ll look at exactly what you need, and tell you up front so you can make the most informed decision possible. Of course, some issues may come up only as we get into the new installation, but rest assured we will work with you as much as we can, and we will endeavour to let you know of any problems as soon as they arrive. Typically however, we’ll be able to spot anything that might interfere with your new boiler installation or plumbing jobs up front.

Financing Options

A new boiler is a pricy thing to suddenly have to buy, and doing so outright can stress anyone’s finances. That’s why we offer various financing options to help put a new boiler within anyone’s budget.  This way, you can balance the cost of a new boiler against the cost of your monthly gas bill. Most of our customers who do this find that they actually come out ahead when comparing the cost of running a less efficient boiler, versus the savings and higher efficiency that come with having a new boiler, even accounting for monthly payments on the boiler itself. If you’d like to look at what your payments would be, you can use this free financial calculator to plan things out well in advance.

Contact Us

If you need a new boiler (traditional boilers typically last about a decade), or just want to talk about your options. Feel free to contact us at at the numbers below, or use the email or contact forms listed to get a free quote.

For a no obligation estimate please Contact Us or call and let us know the type of system you own, the age (estimate) and number of radiators you have. 0800 468 1100/ 0208 819 4021/ 01279 793 614

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