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Saving Money on your Energy Bill


With energy costs making up a large portion of the typical household’s expenses, many people are thinking about ways to save money on their energy bill. For many, this means improving the efficiency of their central heating. Typically, this means replacing, upgrading, or servicing your boiler. For most people, boilers account for around fifty to sixty percent of energy costs, so having a more efficient boiler can be a godsend when it comes to cutting those energy bills back.

What to Look For:

The first thing you want to look at is the age and type of the boiler. Most boilers that are more than ten years old are traditional boilers that require a large tank (possibly two if an additional cold water tank is needed) and are far less efficient than modern boilers. These older boilers tend to burn gas with about 60% efficiency, meaning some heat is wasted and is lost, typically as it passes through the heat exchanger and out the flue. Newer boilers operate above 90% efficiency. This difference can immediately cut as much as a fifth of your energy costs, which can help pay for the boiler over it’s lifetime. When deciding if a new boiler is the best way to save on heating and gas costs, take a look at the type of boiler you have. If you have an older boiler with a hot tank and a cold tank, you should definitely think about upgrading.

You also want to have your boiler serviced every year, which is a legal requirement in some areas and in all rented properties, though your landlord may take care of this in that case. A faulty or (even more worryingly) a leaky boiler is not only going to operate far less efficiently, but it could also lead to a dangerous gas leak. For this reason, you’ll want to get your boiler serviced at least once a year, which is a great time to talk to your technician about whether or not you need a boiler upgrade.

New Types of Boilers:

There are two main types of modern replacement boilers you should be looking at. The first is a system boiler that is essentially just an upgraded version the boiler you likely already have, with the exception that you can do away with you cold water tank in the loft (if you have one). This is called a “System Boiler”. It’s a more modern condensing boiler that pulls heat out of the condensed air in the heat exchanger before it goes to the flue. Practically, what this means is that you’ll have a much more efficient boiler that will work well with solar heating installations.

The other option is the “Combination” or “Combi” boiler. This type of boiler heats the water as it comes in from the mains, which gives you higher pressures, a smaller overall footprint, and simplified plumbing. It also works extremely well with solar heating systems. In general, these boilers are recommended for their efficiency, and small form-factor.

With any new boiler, you can see a savings of about £350-400 a year on your gas bill, which will quickly pay for the cost of your new boiler over its lifetime. You can even use some of the monthly savings on your gas bill to pay the boiler off via financing. Your boiler will also include all of the piping and other installation necessary for your new boiler, as well as a Gas Safe certificate, which certifies that your boiler is up to all legal standards and regulations.

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