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Power Flushing Services

Over time some heating systems may experience poor circulation resulting in lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, increased noise and sludge build up. Sludge deposits accumulate on the radiator and power flushing gets this out.

Your central heating system becomes more efficient when you have a power flush. A power flush in Essex can greatly enhance your system creating a warmer home. Cleaning a central heating system is integral to its health and power flushing in Essex is a popular cleaning method due to the rapid but comprehensive clean it delivers. As a matter of fact, when you have a powerflush in Essex done, you protect yourself against corrosion and future damage. This can save you a great deal of money for years to come with just a small investment. Once you flush your heating system, this will not only ensure maximum performance, it will also help in reducing your heating bill. The benefits of a clean heating system are well-documented:

  • More even heat distribution throughout the property
  • Improved overall energy savings
  • Lower household bills
  • Increased system reliability
  • Extended system life
  • Prolongs the life of the central heating pump

The bottom line is, your entire central heating system will become purified and cleansed, the moment you have a power flush done. This is why power flushing in Essex is considered a high priority when getting your home efficient for the winter. You save a lot of money when your central heating system is running optimally.

So how do you know if my system needs a power flush?

Here are some symptoms to look out for.

  • Are certain rooms much colder than others?
  • Does it take a long time for system to warm up?
  • Are one or more radiators cold at the bottom?
  • Do radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Is the boiler noisy?
  • Is your gas bill higher than usual?
  • Is your boiler turning on and off constantly?

If you need power flushing in London, Essex or other surrounding areas, contact us and we will be at your service. All of our certified specialists will assist you with any questions you have during the process of your power flush in Essex and surrounding areas.

Power flushing in Essex and elsewhere is done by using special acids to breakdown the sludge in the system. We then use our commercial grade flushing machine, which flushes all the dirt from the system.

You can expect your power flushing to be done efficiently and in a tidy manner. As we can do this all from one place (IE kitchen Radiator), it means we haven’t got to take off each individual radiator like we use to have too, this makes for a clean tidy job!

(Please note that power flushes will not remove blockages) depending on the type of system you own.

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