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System Boiler Installation


Also known as sealed-system boilers, a system boiler installation maintains water pressure to ensure fast distribution and to allow concurrent use of multiple taps. They work by storing water in a cylinder where the water is heated before converting it into steam for heaters or sending it out to taps.They work well in most average-sized homes. When multiple taps are opened at once, there is very little drop in water pressure since they keep the water pressurised. Heat is delivered quickly but not instantly, in other words, there is a brief waiting period. There is increase in waiting time if the cylinder runs out of hot water, as fresh water will have to heat up again. So, if you live in a home with more bathrooms or a house that require more hot water than can be delivered by a combi boiler, then what you need is a system boiler to give you a perfect heating and hot water solution.  System boilers combine high productivity as well as high performance with excellent credentials that is ‘green’; the versatility, reliability and convenience also contribute to its popularity. For system boilers, all major mechanisms are built in, so less space is taken up, they are very economical and provide a faster response for hot water when it is needed.

Having said this, it is important to note that having your system boiler installed by an incompetent engineer can affect its effectiveness. In other words, you need very good and competent installers to carry out your installation for you. At Efficient Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we are always ready to help with all your heating system needs including installation of your system boiler.

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