Where to get Water Cylinders in Redbridge – 16th March 2015

Many homes have water cylinders installed so they can rely less on their boiler systems. Hot water is provided constantly by the cylinders at mains pressure and are suitable for any location. To ensure copious amounts of stored hot water is readily available for baths, showers and kitchen use, you can always rely on Efficient Plumbing & Heating to supply and install quality water cylinders across Redbridge.

The type of water cylinder most suited to your home depends on how much water you use daily and what type of boiler system you have installed. We have unvented cylinders and open vented cylinders available to accommodate your specific needs across Redbridge. Our team of experts at Efficient Plumbing & Heating will carry out an on-site consultation to advise you on which safe and reliable product is most suited to your home.

We are Redbridge’s trusted and accredited dealer of leading water cylinder brands and offer 5 year minimum guarantees on all installations. As fully insured and qualified tradesmen, we treat our customers to high class services they deserve. Our reputation is outstanding for providing outstanding products, workmanship, services and customer focus every step of the way. Operating 24 hours a day and 365 day of the year, you can always trust Efficient Plumbing & Heating to be there when we say we will.

For a no obligation estimate please Contact Us or call and let us know the type of system you own, the age (estimate) and number of radiators you have. 0800 468 1100/ 0208 819 4021/ 01279 793 614