Which is the best boiler? Modern Condensing Boilers vs the Traditional boilers.

When deciding what kind of boiler installation in Essex you should opt for, it’s good to know the pros and cons of any given option. A new boiler installation can be quite pricey so you want to ensure you get just the right system for your lifestyle.

Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are water heaters that are fuelled by either gas or oil. Their biggest perk is that they achieve 90% efficiency based on the higher heating value. Exhaust gases condense water vapour and recover latent heat of vaporisation which would have been wasted. It is considered a high-efficiency system that improves your heating controls. The result is significant savings on a yearly basis.

If you’re concerned with the environment and want to save on heating costs, a modern condensing boiler is a good alternative. A boiler service in Essex would likely recommend the condensing boiler. Building regulations are asking that high efficiency condensing boilers be considered for domestic home when having a new boiler installation done. This is largely due to the safety aspects of a modern condensing heater. They are fully sealed and take air in from the outside whereas a non-condensing boiler takes air from the inside of the room. For this reason, the air quality is much better with a condensing boiler and when you compare the two, the condensing boiler is 25% more efficient than the traditional boiler system.

Traditional Boilers

Traditional boilers distribute fumes into your flue and send the fumes outside your home. The fumes are superheated vapours, containing energy that come from the gas pipes into your house. This system allows heat to escape, making it less efficient. The regular boilers are ideal for homes that already have traditional heating and hot water systems linked to a hot water cylinder. A boiler repair in Essex can prove to be a money saving option if you’re having issues. While you don’t get the same heat efficiency as a condensing boiler, it’s a cheaper fix than a new boiler installation. You may want to get the advise of a heating engineer in Essex when it comes to replacing your boiler and which option is best for you. While a condensing boiler is more efficient, the initial price is at a premium. It is a cheaper option when it comes to upfront pricing to stick with a traditional boiler. If your traditional boiler isn’t working optimally, it may be time to get boiler service done.

When it comes down to it, the best option really is the more modern condensing boiler. It’s safer, adds more quality to the air within your home and is highly efficient. If your system supports a traditional boiler and you’re not ready to invest, consider repairing the boiler you already have.

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